A website dedicated to the blissful pursuit of the backcountry experience, wherever mountains rise,


I am a middle-aged bartender (currently) with few prospects: no career, no (steady) girlfriend, no dependents, few employable skills, no medical insurance, and heavily indebted.  But I still have my health, my intellect, some youthful ambition, big dreams, and one hell of a photo album.  As my good friend Patrick says, that's evidence of a life well lived: traveling, getting outside, meeting people, forging relationships, and cataloging those experiences, mentally, digitally, and on old-fashioned paper. I am thankful (and respectful) to those who focus much of their energy on living productive lives (otherwise known as making money), or saving the world (doctors, philanthropists, lawmakers, scientists, educators, philosophers, artists, my parents) while freeing up more space for the rest of us to play.  I realize that their efforts make my life possible. Someday, I will return the favor to mankind. In the meantime, I plan to live my life in the only manner I know how, and that is to get out, keep moving, and soak up all that the world has to offer.  My greatest fear is growing old, looking back and saying I wish I had done that, or tried that, or had gone there.  My plan is to avoid that possibility, read a lot, eat well, drink good wine, listen to good music, meet some nice girls, climb and ski a lot of cool mountains, and leave, at the same time, as small a footprint on earth as possible.  In other words, live a full (and meaningful) life.

This purpose of this weblog is to document my travels and adventures, and exhibit them to friends and family, and anyone else who might be interested.  But more than that it is a personal reservoir of images and anecdotes, important contacts and favorite websites...all things related to snow and mountains.  If you like to ski or snowboard, or hike or bike or play in the mountains, then I think you will enjoy this site very much.  If you don't, it doesn't matter much to me, as this site will continue to serve my own interests as the login page of my desktop browser.

In My Element: Resurrection Couloir, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho
 (photo: Aaron Teasdale)