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Friday, October 12, 2012

Adventure Photography Workshop

Two weeks ago I attended a photography workshop in Jackson, Wyoming organized by Rich Clarkson and Associates out of Boulder, Colorado and sponsored by National Geographic magazine, Nikon cameras, and The North Face.  The workshop was attended by some thirty amateur and professional photographers looking both to hone their skills and network with some of the most important people in the business.  The faculty consisted of some of the leading adventure photographers in the world, including the senior photo editor of National Geographic and National Geographic Adventure magazines, a marketing executive for The North Face, and technical assistants from Nikon and Rich Clarkson.  Photographers Lucas Gilman (whitewater), Chris Burkard (surfing), Keith Ladzinski (climbing), and Corey Rich (adventure) represented a range of genres, and contributed unique perspectives on technique, methodology, and publishing tips.  Each faculty member delivered a presentation to the class, offered critiques, and led demonstrations in the field.  We hiked up to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's downhill bike course to photograph competitive mountain bikers, rafted the Snake River to shoot a group of local kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders, hung from ropes to capture Exum mountain guides climbing the big walls of Corbet's Couloir at the top of the Tram, and camped under the stars to document running, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle in the Grand Teton National Park.  The workshop also enlisted some of the most accomplished athletes in the world to serve as models, including legendary climber and photographer Jimmy Chin, who holds the speed record for a free solo of the Grand Traverse in the Tetons (among many other feats); champion freeskier Lynsey Dyer, the first female ever to grace the cover of Freeskier magazine; and Kit Deslauriers, the first person in history to ski all Seven Summits (one of only a handful of women to have even climbed them in the first place).  Photographing these guys required some athleticism of our own, as it was a challenge just to keep pace with them.  It was an incredible week of instruction, adventure, and camaraderie.  Here is a selection of some of the best shots of the week (you will have to guess which ones are mine):