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Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Steve!

Steve Romeo was as prolific and enthusiastic a skier as any the state of Wyoming or the world has ever known.  He was a well respected and admired member of the the Jackson ski community, having been the resident gear guru at Skinny Skis in downtown Jackson for many years and author of a popular backcountry ski blog, TetonAT.  Steve possessed an inimitable knowledge of the backcountry, and was well known for his numerous mountaineering accomplishments in the area, including some first descents.  He climbed and skied most or all of the biggest lines in the Tetons.  While Steve traveled far and wide to remote locations around the world, his favorite place to ski was right here in his own backyard.  Randosteve's colorful and informative blog documented his adventures for the benefit of the local community and beyond, and served as a guide and tick list for my own backcountry pursuits.  He was an inspiration to me and I'm sure countless others.

Steve died, along with his buddy and ski partner, Chris Onufer, in an avalanche on Ranger Peak in the Grand Teton National Park on March 7th, 2012.  I happened to be in GTNP that day on another overnight ski tour, and can remember when, after having just completed it, my elation was shattered by the news of his death on the drive home.  Today would have been his 41st birthday.  He will be missed.  (The photo above is of the Ford Couloir on the Grand Teton, with the West Hourglass in the distance, far left.  Date and photographer unknown)

Website: TetonAT.com